L.R. Baggs iBEAM Passive Pickup – Nylon String Acoustic Guitar Pickup


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Product Description


– Studio-quality fidelity for the most natural acoustic tone available from a pickup.
– Ultra light: 1/3oz iBeam will not alter the acoustic response of the guitar.
– Quick and easy installation: minimal alteration to guitar, jig included to help with pickup placement.
– One size fits all: No more worry about saddle slot sizes or altering the saddle. Action and acoustic sound remain unchanged.
– Peel-and-stick: Adhesive virtually glues pickup to the bridge plate but is still removable. Extra adhesive strips included for easy removal and re-placement.
– Natural string-to-string balance and dynamics
– Fits most X-Braced guitars

Nylon String version now available with gap cut down the middle of the pickup base to fit over center brace in fan-style bracing on many classical guitars.